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Faded Oak is a Canadian blues-folk group based out of Vancouver, British Columbia made up of multi-instrumentalists Rebecca Lorna, and Jeremy Helten. 


Collaborators Rebecca and Jeremy of Faded Oak weave the soulful sounds of blues, folk and rock to create a rich sonic experience. Their sound harkens back to folk legends of the past and calls them to life with their haunting riffs and dark velvet harmonies. Faded Oak’s lyrics’ create a dreamy world of light and shadows. Exploring the complexities of our human experience through sultry tones, surreal tales and a whole lot of soul. Their work is inventive, mystical and doused in meaning. 


Rebecca and Jeremy have a partnership spanning near a decade. The two met at an open mic in Vancouver and quickly joined forces with their love of music, spending late nights writing and jamming and soaking in inspiration from the folk and blues legends of past decades. In 2013 they packed into an old Chevy van with their dog with the desire to move to Montreal to pursue music. The two settled there and continued writing and playing together, while also focusing on independent musical projects. It wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that with the same serendipity as their first encounter, Faded Oak came to life. 


Their first self produced single “Crooked World” was released on October 31st 2018. Described as a dark western “Tarantino tinged” tune, Crooked World sets a cinematic tone in a dusty upside down world. 


The two quickly got to work  playing publicly around Montreal. In the Summer of 2019 they again packed up to live out of the van and booked shows while road tripping across Canada, starting off in Montreal at La Sotterranea and stopping in Winnipeg to play Le Garage. 


Their second self produced single “Black Soul” was released December 2019. Playing off the sombre tone of Crooked World, Black Soul is a more romantic reflection at overcoming the darkness. It is a tale of hope and companionship in a doleful time. 


Currently the band plays and records solely as a duo. Their live show is a bare bones set up of guitars, a hand-made suitcase kick drum, tambourine and harmonica. Keep your eyes peeled for how the unit progresses in the future!


Faded Oaks third single is set to be released Winter 2020, and a full EP in 2021.

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