"This music belongs in a Tarantino film" 

Cruising many miles down the Canadian highway for days on end, listening to the likes of Johnny Cash, The Band,  Neil Young and Lead Belly, an idea to blend their common love of the outlaw music struck Rebecca and Jeremy with the force of a blacksmiths hammer.  Faded Oak came to fruition the summer of 2018 off a dusty dirt road, beside the campfire in the Quebec woods. The sound came together with a mix of Folk, Blues, Psychadelic and Rock n Roll.


Their first single "Crooked World" which has been described as "Tom Waits meets Tarintino" was released October 31st 2018. Their long awaited second single was released Dec. 28 2019. Taking on a different more sombre and romantic tone, Black Soul tells the story of partnership. A strong companion can make all the difference in this crooked world.

Check out "Black Soul" on your favorite streaming platform or digital store.

There's beauty in the darkness.

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Artwork by Zach Smith



Faded Oak is a cinematic Indie-folk duo from Montreal. Partners Rebecca and Jeremy draw inspiration from all the downhearted, broody and bitter-sweet facets of life.


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